Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Counseling

Meet with our Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Mary Jo Sparks, and regain your health by learning and adopting a whole food plant-based diet. 

Mary Jo received her Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University Commerce and certification in Plant-based Nutrition via Cornell University. 


There is no. such. thing. as “over-eating” if you eat whole plant foods.


Fiber in plants fill you up long before you can consume enough fat from them to cause your body to store fat.


When you eat whole plant foods, you can forget CALORIE AND CARB restriction!


Complex carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, and beans satisfy hunger long before you can eat enough of them to gain weight.


Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, knows “nothing else in modern medicine can come close to what a whole food plant-based diet can do.”


If you’re sick and tired of fad diets and yo-yo weight loss, this is the lifestyle change for you. I’ve taken almost every class and certification related to whole food plant-based nutrition… Let me help you clean up your diet and take control of your health.


Spend your money in the produce aisle, not the pharmacy!